About Us

Our Company

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to acquaint you with our services and qualifications. As a full service family owned and operated pest control company committed to customer service and satisfaction, we are confident that we can provide you with a professional management solution for all your pest control needs.
From our family to yours, addressing the needs of our customers is our top priority. Knowing that we implement sound methods of control while paying close attention to safety when removing unwanted pests assures you we are taking care of the situation. You make the call, we do the rest. No hidden fees, guaranteed results.

Services Provided

Wildlife Control Service, Inc. is licensed and equipped to provide control solutions for all pest management situations. Our services include: field rodent control in outdoor or landscape situations, bird control, live trapping and removal of nuisance pests, exclusion work, sanitation and removal of dead animal carcasses. We also offer structural pest control which includes buildings, structures, homes, etc.

Methods Used

Carefully selected, integrated management methods are chosen for each individual project emphasizing safety, efficiency, proper timing, environmental concerns, public relations, and economics. All work is performed in accordance with applicable Federal, State, County and local laws and regulations.

Our Staff

All management personnel have over 15 years of field experience and our inspectors and field technicians are State Licensed in the appropriate categories and class for the work which they perform. We are licensed to perform both agricultural and structural work and are fully bonded and insured.


Licenses are required by the State of California to perform pest control duties within our service area. We retain the following licenses:

Qualified Applicator License (QAL) with certificate categories A,B,C

CA Business License No. 31549

Branch II & Branch III Structural

Dept. of Fish & Wildlife trapping license