Ground Squirrels

Ground Squirrel Complaints
One of the most common complaints about ground squirrels is damage caused by their burrowing. Ground squirrels cause problems when they burrow through ditch banks and earthen dams, which can weaken levees if the burrowing is extensive. Ground squirrels can even damage buildings and roadways with their burrows. Most ground squirrels burrow during the daytime, so it is typically easy to identify ground squirrels and the type that is causing the ground squirrel damage.

Identifying Ground Squirrels
There are several species of ground squirrels that can be found across North America. They are most common in the west, inhabiting large grassland areas and fields of grain, hay and irrigated pastures. Though each ground squirrel can be identified by specific characteristics, sometimes it can be tricky to identify ground squirrels and which type of ground squirrel is causing damage near your home or property.

What Ground Squirrel Damage Looks Like
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