Identifying Rabbits
Rabbits are a type of wildlife many people enjoy, but they also are an animal that can be very destructive to gardens and landscaped areas. Eight species of rabbits are found in California. Three of these species—the black-tailed hare or jackrabbit, the desert cottontail, and the brush rabbit) are widespread and cause the majority of problems. Because of its greater size and abundance, the jackrabbit is the most destructive.

Rabbits can be very destructive in gardens and landscaped places. This is particularly true where wild or uncultivated lands border residential zones, parks, greenbelts, or other landscaped places.

Open lands such as uncultivated, wild areas provide resting and hiding cover during the day within easy travel distances to prime, irrigated food sources.

Rabbits can be carriers of tularemia, or rabbit fever. This disease is relatively rare in humans, but you can contract it by handling an infected rabbit with bare hands.